Саудовская Аравия
39 м. кв.

My comment on the project that I voiced for the client.

"I really wanted to create an interior that is not like the others for you, because your interior is a continuation of you, and it should be remembered by people, and be unique, as unique as you. You deserve the best, so I tried to make you the best product that would be different from many. I tried to surpass the examples of bedroom interiors that you showed me. I hope I did it.

This bedroom has neutral, soothing shades. The interior is stylish and tasteful, I decided to save on finishing materials, but lay your budget for furniture of better quality. Finishing materials in this bedroom - on the walls there is stucco and black parquet, or laminate, it is even cheaper. On the floor - carpet and concrete. Where the bathroom is, I made concrete so that when people left the bathroom they would not step on the carpet, so it would be more logical to place concrete there. Well, plus when people enter the bedroom so that they do not spoil the carpet with their shoes. concrete is easier to clean.

the whole interior is made in one style, I tried to combine ethnic furniture with modern furniture, which in the overall composition makes this interior original and stylish

This interior makes an impression, I'm sure you will like it. I did it with my soul."